Can you share your markeing goals or ideas for 2009?
Do you have any direct mail goal or plan?
Do you have an internet marketing plan?
Do you have marketing plan to get more hits on your websites?
Do you have a new plan to convert Absentee owners or FSBOS to sell?

I am looking to change my marketing plan and goals to increase business for 2009 so, I am just looking for some ideas.

I understand what you are asking, but it helps to clarify things furthor.

You should not have marketing goals, at least not in absense of income goals. Marketing’s pure job is to make you achieve your goals. So the marketing strategies should highly depend on your investing strategies and goals.

Also, it should not change from year to year, unless you are realigning your business.

Could you clarify couple of things:

  1. What type of properties are you looking for
  2. What is your entry and exit strategies? (how you want to buy, and how you want to sell)
  3. What volume of houses you want to do?

I am looking at absentee owners and FSBOS. I guess I am asking for ideas that you have in marketing that has worked for you.

Successful direct mail strategies Successful ways to drive business to your website etc. etc. etc. etc.

Whatever you do don’t get to wrapped up in details you’ll become too busy trying to get prepared and 2009 will pass you by. Just my .02

Yes nicolesloans,i have a goal in my mind for 2009.I would like to do Internet Marketing and i wanna earn more money.This is the plan i have for 2009.


Here are some techniques you could do in internet marketing:

  • Publish articles or get listed in news stories.
  • Write and publish online press releases.
  • Blog and interact with your visitors.
  • Web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy.
  • Get ranked at the top in major search engines, and practice good Search Optimization Techniques

Marketing is the easy part. Especially if you have a team of realtors, lawyers, and birddogs. The hard part is more like fadi stated and that is what real estate areas are you going to be focusing on. I for one will be focusing on short sales with sfhs and commercial properties. In this market short sales, JVs and options are the best way to go.

I think I would restate that… Marketing is the required part…