Has anyone done any business with Michael Kimble. He is sending out emails on his new REImarketing club. It sounds ok, but I will like to check him out first. Thanks, Macgirl

Nop First time heard. Is it’s services can help us to grow our business ???

Can’t say I’ve heard of him either. You have any more information on him or his background?

Hi Macgirl,

Doing quick google on him shows some flags, but it could only be born-unhappy people complaining. From what I gathered, he is general marketing guy, not Real Estate specific marketing. Without seeing it, I can’t really tell but from his association with Dan Kennedy and not seeing Real Estate specific product (i might be wrong), hints at explaining how direct marketing works and giving some examples.

You would have a lot of homework to do to apply it to your business. Of course it all depends on your current marketing knowledge and so forth.

What exactly are you looking for?

Have you tried the program, yet? If so, any success? I’m considering it for generating homebuyer leads in chicago area. Although, Kimble’s notable for IM, there’s still little on his REI marketing club, online. Appears a new program. Not much to go by. Thanks, in advance.