Marketing To Utility Workers, Sanitary Workers, and Mail Delivery People

I’ve recently been thinking of marketing to utility workers(water, gas, electric), sanitary workers(trash pick up), and mail delivery people trying to find vacant houses. I thought about making something about business card size with a message on it. Here’s what I came up with so far:

Want To Make A Quick $500?

Know of any vacant homes
From working on the job?

Let us know about it and we’ll pay you $500 if we buy the house!

You have nothing to lose
Except a few minutes of your time

Give us a call and if we buy it
We’ll pay you a $500 finder’s fee
For your referral

What do all of you think? Do you think it would be effective? Also, I was trying to think of the best way of getting the cards to the workers. Have any ideas?

Another profession I thought of while I was out driving around looking at properties today was street sweepers.

Well one place to find lots of those types of folks is at your local coffee shops. Go down there at 5am and sit there til about 9am handing out cards. A lot of those guys grab a coffee before work, just wait for their unmistakable trucks to pull into the parking lot and hand them cards. The coffee shop owner won’t like it but you can probably hand him cards and tell him you’ll give him $$$ for referrals to and he’ll probably let you stay there.

Not a bad idea Rich.

I have a good friend whose father is one of the head managers of my city’s water department. So, I know I could get some cards out to those workers, but I wasn’t sure about the others.

I thought about going to the human resources/personnel department at each, and see if they’d be willing to hand them out.

I’d put something like this: You’re seeing vacant/abandoned properties during the day. Why don’t you cash out on them? (or something like that…)

I tried this only once with my letter carrier. He said he could not do this because if it came back to his supervisor he would lose his job.

You’re right-on about thinking “who knows where all the vacant, beat-up houses are?” though.

The sanitation man would be a better bet. No disrespect, but he’s probably more likely to play ball than a letter carrier.

I will give this a try this week. Good idea!

There is yet another “guru” Tom Nardone, and his whole course was dedicated to getting leads from the postal workers…