Marketing to Short Sale Owners

I have a good list of potential shorts sales. I have been sending a letter out but am not getting a responses. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to include in a letter that I may not be. Do you think door knocking owner occupieds would be beneficial? I am looking for suggestions on getting the short sale owners to call back or make some sort of progress. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would not door knock in todays market. I did that in 2000, and almost was shot. We are sending our letters out in a pink envelope with women’s perfume on it. We always hand write the enevelops, and address it to the male if there is no male we still use the same process.

We teach cold calling and direct mail, but by far what we spend most time doing in our investment business, and the most time teaching, is how to approach Realtors. This can fill up the pipeline with quality cases almost overnight; however, for those less experienced, making a presentation to a group of agents can be rough and working with agents who do not understand the short sale process can be challenging. Still, the payoff is huge.

Door knocking may still be viable, but you do put yourself at some risk, it takes time, money for gas, and the percentages are still low. I believe we averaged two cases per ten contacts.

Direct Mail. I send a series of greeting cards as soon as the Notice Default is sent. Never post cards.

Does anyone want to share a sample letter. It is obvious that my letter must not be very effective.