Marketing to Pre-Foreclosure Owners

  1. Can anyone provide me with a copy of 5 – 6 letters and or Postcards I can begin sending
    homeowners facing Pre-Foreclosure?

  2. Once I have access to these Letters and or Postcards I would like to know how often should
    I send them out to Homeowners?

  3. Does anyone use Lumpy Mail when they send mail to Homeowners in Pre-Foreclosure?

  4. If you use Lumpy Mail when do you use it, how often do you use it, what letters do you use
    it with, and what gadgets do you use when sending out Lumpy Mail?

First of all, welcome to the club :slight_smile:

I must say, your questions are right on and show that you do understand how proper marketing works…

  1. Not sure you will just find the samples, I know of some who sells them. I am a strong believer in writing your own… take a look at my 10 minutes sales letter, just fill in the blanks… if the link is removed by a modirator as “self promotion” which is not, then visit my blog in my signature.

I believe your message needs to match what you are trying to accomplish, and it should reflect your style/salesmanship.

Commercially, I know Michael sells a module filled with 36 letters including NOD and some had success with it.

  1. The frequency depends on your state… in Texas, we have 21 days window so to send 5, we would have to send them within the first week and maybe mid second week to have enough time to do the work… You can send them every other day, once a week, or once every two weeks.

  2. I personally have not used it, but I have heard great success stories. It could increase your response rate by a point or two.

  3. What you send will affect your postage rate. The bulkier, the more expensive since it may not be processed as a post card. See the post office regulations.

Some ideas to bulk mail, send a brand new dollar bill, send a fake bill, send a life saver candy… Whatever you send, you should open your letter by saying “the reason I am sending you XYZ is because ABC…” and then go on to describe what you want to tell them.