Marketing to pre foreclosure homeowners

I would like to increase my exposure to the Pre Foreclosure market. What is the most effective approach to attracting homeowners that who NEED to sell their house? What media is most effective? Bandit signs, the Statesman, the Chronicle, the Greensheet, Flyers? Any advice will be helpful.


I was hoping someone else would give a response since this is not one of my strengths. Here’s my list of what I think works best in order.

If you’re referring to being contacted prior to folks actually being posted for foreclosure, then I would say targeted bandit signs. An ad under Loans Wanted or Real Estate Services would be my second choice. I’ve never tried foreclosure bandits, although it’s been on the To-Do List for quite some time. I only tried the Loans Wanted for about a month well over two years ago and didn’t have much success, but that’s not long enough to judge.

If you mean after the folks have been posted, then this would be my list:

door knocking
phone call
leave note on door
multiple mailouts

hope that helps…