Marketing to owner occupied free and clear houses

What’s the best way to market to free and clear owners that live in their house without breaking the bank. It seems to me the motivation level and response rate would be very low.

what about marketing to free and clear houses with absentee owners… great way of getting houses with owner financing… i would get a list from click2mail… don;t use their system to find the list… call them and tell them exatly what you are looking for…

I’m knowing your response level will be very low if you plan on marketing to homeowners who live in their property free and clear. If they wanted to sell, they probably would list on the market. Your best bet is to use Fred’s idea, as far as marketing to absentee owners.

To your success!

I would think that you are looking to wholesale these free and clear homes right? Don’t just stop at free and clear, get the ones with mortgage balances also. A deal is a deal. :cool

Yellow letters given me over time the best response rate. It’s really all depending on your local market where you are transacting.

You can’t really be certain about this unless you talk to them. Personally and this is based from experience, a Seller’s motivation is not always economic reasons. They can be still living in the house that they own free and clear but if they want to sell it because of a situation, then they are really going to prioritize getting rid of it no matter what. Remember, a motivated seller is someone whose main priority at the time you talk to him is to get rid of his property. He can either be occupying it or not, owning it free and clear or with remaining mortgage. Send them letters like you would for other leads. If they call your number (as long as it is not to tell you to put them on Do Not Call), then you’ll know if it has potential.