Marketing to Motivated Sellers...

Hey guys,

I am doing well finding single family home residentials and I am thinking of moving into commercial investing. I am mainly interested in office buildings and strip centers.

The issue I see here is that with SFHs, it is easy to find them. There are many mailing lists you can get, and you can direct market to them.

Now, when dealing with commercial investing however, how do you go about prospecting? other than the typical “drive around and make offers” concepts.

I am interested in constructing creative deals, so I do not want to go the broker route. I will try to get them on owner financing.

Hi fadiz,

Doing this is easy. However, I think the Mods may get upset if I posted the link to the site I use to do this. It costs me about 50 cents per offer that I make and I get to choose any business type and area that I like. Of course these are all site unseen, but once I find one who’s owner seems to be motivated, I am able to pursue it a little better. This saves me a lot of time, and well worth the costs especially since gas prices are were they are at.

Richard Stephens

Hey Richard, thanks for the reply. Can you send me a private message with the link? I don’t mind paying for the leads if there is such thing as long as I end up getting good deals.