Marketing to lawyers

I am going to be sending letters to laywers to send me refferals. I would like some advice on this. I need to know about 4 benefits that a lawyer would receive for doing this. I know that lawyers can’t receive referal fees so what benefits does the lawyer have to send referals my way? I thought of maybe helping his clients pat the attorney fees would be a good incentive. Any input would be great. Thanks

Why to lawyers? why not use other methods before you go after the lawyers? You need to build knowledge in the industry and know what to say or you will burn your bridges quick.

I appreciate that comment but that wasn’t what I asked. So if any CAN answer that would be appreciated

Sending out piles of letters and postcards won’t get you anywhere. You need to do business with them and build relationships with them before you go looking for something from them. If you are bringing them business you are doing something for them, if you are doing something for them they will do something for you.

Don’t you work with a lawyer for your property closings? That person may be able to open a few doors for you. Chances are he knows a few other lawyers of the right type to at least make an introduction for you.

I might be mistaken, but I think lawyers won’t work with just anybody.
There was a book for sale here about targeting lawyers. The author ( last name is Grunje or something) also sells his stuff on ebay, which is kinda suspisious (if you’re successfull doing business with lawyers and they keep you busy sending referrals all day long, why would you also need to sell your book on ebay for $59?)

My dads a lawyer and let me give you some advise. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. :slight_smile: