Marketing to Landlords

I want to create a short to the point letter to target owners of apartment buildings. I want to market to them I buy apartments.

Does anyone know of where I can find a sample letter?

Do you think post cards or letters would be the most effective?

Or is there a better way to market to landlords?


Hello First name,

My name is John Doe, I am an Investor in [Your City] and I would like to discuss with you the purchase of your property at 123 Memory Lane. I am a very serious buyer, so if you would like to sell please give me a call so we can work out a deal that will work for both of us. You can reach me at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.


Best is to use the yellow letter marketing concept. Hand written letter, hand addressed envelope, live stamp, return address but no return name.


Would you send letters every so often or once?

The marketing guru’s will tell you that you message needs to be seen 6-7 times, so you definitely want to send more than one.

I would not do a short and to the point letter.

Instead write something that pushes their hot buttons and compels them to call you.

I would pick up a copy of Dan Kennedy’s Ultimate Sales letter book and use that as a guide to help you craft one.

Thanks for everyone’s help. I will take a look at Dan’s book.