Marketing to hoarder homes

My favorite type of property to buy is a hoarder home. it may be your favorite too. The trick is how to find them. There’s no national list; hoarders are usually hermits, so they may not answer the door, and they may not respond to your mailer.

So how do you find them? I’m asking you to contribute - it’s not a rhetorical question! lol

Here’s what I’m going to try. I wrote a blog post and started advertising it on Facebook.

In general, you need to write a helpful article, try not to be too salesy (I’m guilty sometimes), and create a unique audience in Facebook’s power editor that includes any characteristics that a hoarder may have. Over time, Facebook will refine that audience for you and the traffic going back to the article has the second benefit of helping your page rank for those keywords.

Remind me to check back with results!

That’s really smart idea.

I’d be interested in seeing how this works out. Having rehabbed some of these homes, I find hoarders to either be older and shut in or more likely, they don’t see themselves as hoarders at all making targeting them with language specific to the condition difficult.

Wow i love the idea! Can you keep us posted please?

It is common that hoarders at some point have issues with the county or local officials once it gets pretty bad. So a good lead source would be to network with the county inspectors that investigate hoarding in your area and deal with the owners of the hoarder houses. They will know which houses are hoarder houses and may throw out your name if the owner or family decides to just give up and sell it. Another lead would be a local clean out company (trash hauling company) and also psychiatrists or therapists who specialize in hoarding.