Marketing to Get Wholesale Deals

I’m going to start off my marketing for wholesale deals with flyer’s that have tear-off tabs with my contact information and business cards. Does anybody have any suggestions on where I should put these flyer’s at. I’m just curious of where other people have found success in marketing this way. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Donnell Pankey
Newport News, VA

You won’t have success with this method, if this is your only marketing. Marketing is numbers game, and you will hardly be reaching enough people to get any success. Even if planets align, and you land a deal, you can’t assume you will find a second and a third and so forth.

You need to have primary marketing strategy and everything else is just an extra.

Well what other marketing strategy should I use starting off? Let me know. Thanks.

It all depends on your budget.

Direct marketing is the best way. You may want to try putting out 100 signs if budget is tight.

For $500.00 you can do a post card mailing to 1,400 people. Select a demographic list of Non Owner Occupied Homes that the people have owned them for 15 years or longer and that are over the age of 55.

Now that is a good list.

That is one way to get the phone to ring. Most will be landlord properties. Its all a numbers game. Expect to get about 10-15 calls from this mailing. I know some people will get more. I have done it with owner occupied and got 40 calls.

I would definitely not do it that way JR_FL, I’ll explain why… sorry not intended to correct you, just the way it should be done…

  1. You do not do a single shot marketing and expect good results. If you plan to only mail 1400 pieces, then I would only mail to about 500 people 3 times rather than 1500 one time.

  2. If you are looking for landlords, then narrow the list to absentee owners, or those who own more than one property. This would maximize your return. Of course, now you will have to deal with wholesaling a house with a tenant and being able to show it and so forth.

  3. The 15 years mark is somewhat interesting… Statistically, people move every 6 to 7 years, so this might work… I would calculate based on amortization table, how long after owning the house would they hit the 50 to 60% of the house value keeping in mind appreciation.

Hope this helps

fadi correct me? :shocked

Don’t worry about it. I am not wrong. My post was not intended to be just a one shot mailing program. I just used what 500.00 could do. If you cannot afford to market on a consistency basis then DON’T THROW all your money into one segment of marketing.

About 90% of my marketing is direct mail. Not just the piece that I threw out. I run about 5 different programs at one time.

Most of the time Non Owner Occupieds will be landlords. Some will be second homes as some are in Florida. Now if you are going to do a direct mail program PLEASE DON’T DO IT LESS THAN 1000 NAMES.

My main reason to focus on older people and people that have owned there home longer is one thing only. EQUITY.

If your list is small then group owner occupieds into the mix if you follow my model.

I have about 5,000 names that I mail. 1600 each month. So my list gets hit every 3 months.

Small mailings get mailed each month for 8 months then they drop.

My follow up gets mailed each month.

right on :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you I appreciate it greatly. Now is there a certain way I should go about getting these names or is there a certain service that does all this work for me. Thanks

Depends on the list you’re looking for. There are list brokers both online and locally, and some info such as expired listingsand REOs you get from realtors, and some you collect yourself.

Where is a good place to narrow down your prospects on a direct marketing campaign? I am looking into using to generate my list. Is this a good strategy? Also were can I get postcards made for the prices above?