Marketing to "For Rent" owners

I noticed a house for rent in my neighborhood. How do you market to owners who only wish to rent? Does anyone have a sample letter I can see?

Good question. I usually keep an eye on FRBOs. The best thing to do from what I have heard is to cross reference the rental property’s address with the county property records to see who the owner is. When you find someone renting a home, with that home being the only one they own other than their own personal residence, they’re usually renting because they had a tough time selling it after they moved out. These owners can be very motivated because they couldn’t sell, and couldn’t afford to continue making multiple house payments. These situations are pretty rare in my experiences though.

I send postcards to out-of-town owners of rental properties. I have contacted about 40 of them and have a contract out on one property, actively negotiating on two properties and got called this evening on 5 properties. I use with very good results with their custom glossy postcards. They turn out very good and I do it all online.

Sounds like you’re getting about a 10% response rate. Impressive!! Did you get the emails I sent to you, Richard?

Hey Guys,
As far as marketing, I’ve decided to place my postcards that I’ve designed in various public places such as grocery stores, Starbucks, chinese restaurants, laundry mats, etc. I think this is a good marketing tool to use as opposed to just placing a business card on an establishments counter. It is simply a miniature bandit sign in the form of a post card with my contact info. What do you think or can you suggest other ways to market? Terell

Know of any services that collect FRBO’s?? I use for my FSBO’s leads… need a source desperately for FRBO’s???

(No- I don’t have time to scavage the newspapers with a marker and type the leads into a database.)

I do that too. I think people would be more interested in picking up one of my postcards than a neon colored flyer and my business card may be too small for peeps to see.