Marketing to Expired's, FSBO, FRBO

I would like to market to Expired’s, FSBO, and FRBO going forward but am having difficulty pulling lists for mailers. In regards to Expired listings - how are you all pulling lists? I have access to the MLS but when I compile a query for the listings I only get single listings. I could pull each one by copying each address but feel that would be tremendously time consuming. Typically, I pull non owner occupied lists using the tax rolls. After a query I get an easy to read list that I then forward to the post office where they send mailers. Very easy and clean. The problem I’m having is compiling lists for Expired’s, FSBO, and FRBO in an efficient and clean process. Can these lists be bought from a list broker and then emailed? Suggestions???

What state are you in?

I don’t like using the PO although they are cheaper they use a bar code and the only piece of mail that I like having a bar code is the postcard. My Professional Letters, Check Letter and especially my Mary letter need to be regular mail.

From a list standpoint I export out of the MLS into a comma delimited format and import into my software. The other two lists are fairly tedious however they seem to be the two lists that investors don’t seem to market to because of it therefore you will have some good luck.

One of the easiest methods for marketing to them is to cold call. The FSBO are asking you to call them and buy their house and the FRBOs are either a buyer or seller… Totally a win win there.

Getting back to mailing.

In my opinion you need to have a multiple drip campaign going to all six prospect groups for the highest impact…

And I am finding that the one sub group that is valuable especially in our market today is the free and clears…

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I’m located in Texas.

“And I am finding that the one sub group that is valuable especially in our market today is the free and clears…” Who do you mean by Free and Clears??

Currently I’m only mailing post cards to non owner occupieds and will eventually incorporate the numerous other strategies with letters and such. I’m still very new at this and am starting to understand that this business takes a lot of time to be successful.

Thanks for your reply Michael. Good stuff.

Switch your focus from absentee owners to active for rents absentee owners out of area… You will have a better rate of return…

You will also want to send the correct message and not any ole thing…

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Would you find the active FRBO’s out of state on the MLS or??? If on the MLS how would you query for only out of state landlords? Also, how would you get a list for the the out of state home owners instead of the realtors?? I’m sure you know this but everytime I pull a list from the MLS I obviously only get the listings and not the owners information. I can certainly find that info for a list from the tax records by typing in the address but that would take some time. I guess I could hire someone to create the list monthly… Is this what you are doing?

I am in TX also (DFW). I to found it VERY time consuming to manually handle the process of grabbing the data I need from lists. All the lists are different (at least mine are) and require a different process to parse/handle the data. If you don’t have some process worked out to handle the lists, you will spend alot of time to manually grab the data you need.

I’m not a realtor, so I have a realtor send me expireds. I parse only the data I NEED from the emails he sends me daily for expireds. To do this I wrote a program that scrapes just certain points of interest in the listings (address, county, etc…), then compare this data to the appraisal data (on the cad’s website) depending on county in order to get correct mailing address, and loop through each listing. At that point, I then have a list of all my expireds and all it took was a few keystrokes.

The same thing for other lists. For my foreclosures, I throw my data from Excel format into a csv file and pass the file to a program that compares the data against appraisal website to get correct mailing address and then formats the address so I just print it out to stick on mailings.

Yes, that is my biggest confusion where do you obtain, and or buy these lists?

I have not used these services, so proceed at your own risk: