Marketing to expired listings?

I’m a realtor and want to start wholesaling. I want to start with expireds and flip the the contract to rehabbers. I’ve created a very simple letter offering to buy the property for cash, and in “as-is” condition. I don’t mention a price, just provide a phone number for the owner to call if they are interested in selling. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to include in the letter?

I would recommend picking Dan Kennedy’s Ultimate Sales Letter and Joe Vitale’s Magnetic Marketing.

Chances are your “mailer” got there with ten others from agents working expireds. Avoid the round file-The DAY it expires GO KNOCK ON THE DOOR! Don’t Wait! You’ll get 'em!

Masso is right. Chances are there are other people in your area looking to flip houses the same way you are. While going there in person and speaking with the homeowner one-on-one is the ideal solution, your next best alternative would be to actually give the homeowner a call. If that is not an option, then you should send them a letter with the information you listed, but at least do it in a unique manner.

I actually just made a post in regards to sending postcards as a direct mail campaign which many people have had positive results with in the past. Maybe use postcards to send to the owner?

You need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack in any way possible. That includes the stationary/envelope/etc. If your message is the same as everyone else’s, the homeowner will treat it like the rest and not give you any preferential treatment.

Also if you can, add some sort of enforcement or guarantee in your letter. Say something like ‘best offer guarantee’ or ‘fastest transaction guarantee’ to get the home owner’s attention. What would be even better is if you could use specifics, i.e. instead of saying ‘fastest transaction guaranteed’, say something like ‘complete transaction in 7 days or less or I’ll give you 5% of the selling value back’. Saying something like this will tell the homeowner you mean business and will make your offer very hard to turn down compared to your competition

I would bet very few other people use guarantees, especially when it comes to just local competition.