Marketing to buyers

I think this is the best forum. I have a flip that’s up for sale. It’s listed with a realtor but there’s been no activity. I need to up the marketing efforts.

I’ve talked to a mortgage broker about ideas to try selling it quicker. He said most people can get a FHA loan with 3% down. The 3% down could be a gift which includes discounting the price of the home. I’d definitely go for this to sell quicker.

So far I’ve down a newspaper ad, “Own a home with no money down” type of ad. It generated zero calls. I’ve done a direct mail and it generated one call. The person was actually more interested in renting than buying.

I’m focusing the marketing on the fact their total payment: mortgage, property tax, and insurance would be $600-$650/mo. Rents in the area are $600/mo. They don’t need a down payment.

This seems like it should be a no brainer for people. There’s no money down, and the payment is very close to the rent. There’s no interest though. What am I missing? This area has 30% of homes occupied by renters. That’s a lot of potential buyers that for whatever reason have no interest in being a home owner. What’s the best way to reach them?

If I can solve this, then I won’t need a realtor at all in the future.

Here is what is working for me. Signs when I can get away with it. The next best source is Direct Mail.

If you market alreay to Out of area owners. Guess who is living in the homes most likely?


The other source is to go to and get a list of Renters that are in your area that meet the income requirements for your area.

You can also get the info from they own sales genie.

Just a few ideas.

What do you put on the postcards?


The realtor is being paid 6% to cover sales & marketing costs and you are offering to pay for free exposure on your dime (and pay the contracted commission if it works).

If you don’t want to wait, get an agreement (in writing) that any marketing costs that you pay for out of pocket that result in the sale will be debited from the agreed upon commission.


Scott Miller