Marketing Letters for Pre-Foreclosures

Hi Everyone

Would someone please post an example of a letter they would send to someone in pre-foreclosure? Would that be the same yellow letter or something different?

Thanks for the help! Sorry in advance if this was asked already.

I am currently sending four different types of mail five pieces total to prospects that are in the NOD/LisPens status.

Day 1 - Proffesional Letter

Day 5 - Check Letter

Day 8 - Mary letter

Day 13 - Postcard

Day 30 - Postcard

These are business days BTW.

My Software system that I use does all of the printing and day management for me as well as a ton of other duties… Direct mail is now easy for me… and currently I am sending out about 1000 pieces a week.

Ms Erica,

My name is Jonathan Rexford. Send me a PM and I can send you some. Similar to what Michael does with his but different.

I do

Greeting Card
Post Card
Greeting Card
Post Card
Greeting Card

I do mine over a 45 day period. Here lately it seems I get a better hit from the post cards. My next list is going to be just the post card to see how it works.


Glad to meet you.

I use postcards and have found them to be very effective, this one has worked very well for me once I found out how to animate them.

How to STOP foreclosure and put money in your pocket!!!

Call John $Cash$ Locke

I recently started using “I can stop the phone calls!” letter. Very good response so far.

Thanks for the help all I really appreciate it! :smile

Hey $Cash$ what is the “Stop Foreclosure and Put Money In Your Pocket” postcard message? Or is that the message?

Hey Dealhunter will you give an example of “I can stop the phone calls” letter?

Thanks Again All! Thanks Michael Quarles!


Truthfully I do not mess with foreclosures, no need to because I contact them before they are in that position, much easier to deal with them at this point. However it just seemed to me that if you tell someone you can stop the foreclosure and put money in their pocket, they are apt to listen to what you have to say.

I would add some more copy to get the point across and have them pick up the phone to call me.

Thought someone was going to ask me how I got the animation to work on the post card. :rolleyes

John $Cash$ Locke

Cash, how did you get the animation to work on the postcard? :slight_smile:

Seriously, that is dope! How did you do that?

Unfortuantely it looks too much like Bill Clinton…!



PARDON ME! Never mind I wasn’t the one he gave the pardons to and actually those bags maybe filled with pardon money.

Since you are a fan of Hillary, these bags are being delivered to her for her election war chest.

Now that I think about it, Obama sent me the animation.


Oh, I thought it was him leaving the White House and there was another one that had Hillary carrying the furniture, silerware, and dishes…


Hey Cash care to share how you contact them before the pre-foreclosure?? How do you find out about it before it is public info??


Glad to meet you.

I send a CD in a sleeve (looks like a post card) and on the outside of the sleeve it says: “Pick The Exact Day Your Property Will Sell”

The message on the CD is video and animation, based on prompting the seller to call me at the end of the message for a fast disposal of their property and I even let them pick the day it will sell. When you stop to think about it, the vast majority of people will play the CD out of curiosity if nothing else. Just think how many people even save a Free AOL CD to sign up for the internet, meaning the CD will have longevity for the future when it can be played again.

John $Cash$ Locke

What and How do you all go about getting in front of people that is in pre-foreclosure? Do you all go to the courthouse to find the leads? Do you all run advertisements? Once you find the leads do you all do direct mail. Thanks

To find a pre-foreclosure you can either buy a list or ask your title/escrow company for access to their list. And then most of us mail to them…

Do you all handwrite the letters or just use copies? If you use copies do you handwrite your name or their address on the envelope?

For the past few months, I’ve been hand writing all of my letters, but that’s just way too time intensive, although it’s given me a pretty decent response.

I’m now going to try and hand write my name and phone number in the letter, and also hand write the owner’s address on the envelope.

I’m no marketing guru, I just try and change things up and keep track of response. So we’ll see how this one comes out. :cool