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is there any way to download the list of names and adresses from the local county website for the upcoming sherrif sale onto microsoft word so that you can print them out onto envelopes in order to mail. Thanks for your help

The list is usually posted in a special newspaper in your town that you may need to subscribe to. A better option is to buy the list from one of the foreclosure listings sites. Talk to investors in your association and see what they use.

Every county is different. If the information is posted on the Web in any format, you can probably save it to your desktop and create a data file out of it, even if the data is just posted to the Web as text in an HTML file.

What county and state?

thanks for your help guys it Delaware County in Pennsylvania

If money is no object, hire a PERL programmer to create an extraction program for any information stored on the internet.

I did this awhile ago to extract mortgage info for ARMs that are due to adjust for the first time.


Scott Miller

That county appears to post its information in a PDF file. Save the file to your desktop, then Google “PDF to XLS” and find a converter that will convert the data to a file that you can manipulate.