Marketing L/O

I currently have properties in Atlanta, GA and I am getting started in a new market here in Buffalo, NY.

I am interested in lease option deals. I have no marketing experience. I heard of using ads in the paper, but I understand the costs is a couple of hundred bucks a month. What marketing techniques for L/Os are most effective and how are these techniques executed?

Al Hamilton[b][/b]

Hello Alhamilton,

There are several marketing ways to expose your lease options to the public…

Just a few,

  1. Bandit Signs, posted w/in 5 radius miles around the property
  2. Ads in papers, Run in Sunday Paper in the Rental section. “RENT TO OWN”
  3. Signs on your car
  4. Word of mouth
  5. Internet

Not in any order. Just the more you have for the public to see, the more calls you’ll get back!!!

Hope this helped a little!!


Thanks Money, that was very helpful! You are very active on this site! Good Stuff

I know this link is geared for real estate agents, but you can apply it to any type of real estate marketing, even for investors.

Check out this link of 12 free lessons for real estate marketing.

They offer 24/7 services, and other services, which can be geared to investors marketing their properties, or gathering leads to acquire properties as well.

Every little bit helps!

Good Luck!


You can use renders to attract customers’ attention to your real estate offerings. Showing attractive renders though the internet or printed materials to your clients will definitely increase your sales, because:
• Exciting photo-realistic renders will attract more prospects to your house
• Top view renders will be easier to understand than just a simple house plan
• Renders will convince your prospects to buy a house showing several variations of interior design in addition to existing one