Marketing is the key!

if you don’t have direct mailing, or yellow letters, post cards or even real estate investors website advertising. what are some other ways to advertise?

bandit signs.
door to door knock.
post online, craigslist etc
passing business card, word of mouth
bird dogs

thats all i can think of, anything that i am missing?

Picking up the phone and finding motivated sellers in case they don’t find you.

Walk the neighborhoods. Talk to people on the street they are full of information. Who’s in trouble, who wants to sell, who needs help. Look for the hous that needs work or the grass is over grown. Introduce yourself and let them know that you are looking to improve the neighborhood with fixing or repairing the eye sores thus bringing up all the property values in the area.
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troll county property tax records and find out of state owners or diff mailing addresses vs address of property and market to them

ah that sounds good. i’m a bit nervous doing that, since i really havent bought anything. do you use a script? what do u say?

You can try mailing to out of city / out of province owners. NJSS nailed the point.

Ask around for a list of homes where the tax bill goes to another address.

Get business cards and pass out 5 a day.

Classified Ads work but are expensive for those big daily newspapers.