Marketing Idea for wholesale deals!

Have any of you ever tried collecting all/particular emails off of the craigslist real estate for sale section and sending them a “diret email” type message with plugs to websites/phone contact info. If so, please share your experience and thoughts with this method!

Even if you haven’t tried this before, I’d love to hear what your opinion on it is? It’s obviously going to offend some people, so a main concern for me would be that it might damage your reputation?

Absolutely do it…! :beer

It’s not as ‘fast’ as an email, but it will certainly have impact, if not hang around the seller’s kitchen table for a few days.

I’ll bet nobody in your farm is doing this; which will make it all the more unique and effective.

Meantime, just saying, if you’re worried about being offensive in your marketing; just because you’re letting people know what you can do for them …you’re gonna have some problems in this business. :banghead

Forget about what people think. Only worry about what they do, and encourage the behavior you want by doing more of what gets you the results you need.

Otherwise, offend away, because you won’t know what works, or what doesn’t in your niche, without breaking some eggs.

I learned to break eggs, and risk being offensive when I started putting out the most gawd-awful-looking bandit signs on the lawns of my expensive homes for sale. This was after not getting the response rates I had to have.

“Everyone” liked my signs, except for the neighbors. Oh, well. :argue

Until the neighbors are willing to cough up the $30,000 I want, I’m gonna continue putting fugly for sale signs in my yards.

Why, again? Because my best buyers CALL on the fugly signs, and ignore the pretty ones.

So, go ahead and offend everyone …all the way to the bank.


Remember, you are doing homeowners a service! Those that have listings on craigs list are LOOKING for buyers. Why would they be upset if you are willing to supply buyers for their house? If the price is too low for them then they will simply say “No way, come back when you have something better.” But… they now have your number. When times get harder and they can’t sell, who do you think they will call to bail them out?

You are providing a service to the seller. :bobble

I have not tried this strategy myself.While appreciate those of you supportive of this idea,would anyone share a personal experience how it worked out for them.

This is a really innovative strategy and I doubt many other people are using it. I would give it a shot- there is minimal investment required so just see what you come up with!

Email marketing is still good I guess. It serves as a good backup.

Text message marketing is a lot more laid back and gets directly to the buyer when you want it to. Place some urgency on it. :cool

I like this idea, very creative

You can do all this automated with the Online Lead Finder dot com


Hi OregonInvestor,

Of course, we don’t want to upset anyone as much as possible but when we’re doing marketing, that’s something we can’t really help. Sometimes, if a few people gets mad at you, it can be an indication that you are doing your marketing hard enough which is what you want to be doing.

I guess what’s important over being concern about that is how you don’t take rejection and some nasty comments personally. Just apologize if you ever encounter such a situation and make sure you take note not to call them again if they specify it.

Sometimes, in order to really be successful in this business, you have to be thick-skinned and be willing to go through some not so desirable encounters and circumstances. But I assure you of one thing, you’ll live though it. :smile

I am posting a link to a client site that we’ve put together for them to push wholesale properties gleaning craigslist only. (

The big issue here is to make sure the marketing message from your craigslist ad matches the marketing message on your squeeze pages. Consistency is extremely key as it increases conversion.

Best of luck

Have tried this and there are some who would want your help and a few who would ask you to remove them from your list. Just make sure that when you email them, the content would provide them info on how you can help them.

Also tried SMS marketing but make sure to check the DNC list first.

SMS Marketing? Explain please? What’s that and how do you get the list for it? And whats DNC? Thanks!

Do it! I do it all the time for my video marketing business and have gotten two leads from it! So go and do it!

This is a really progressive strategy as well as I doubt all kinds of other people are utilizing it. I would give it a shot there is actually minimal expense required and so just see what we put together!

Very innovative strategy