Marketing for shortsale candidates

What are some of the creative ways you guys/girls and marketing to shoresale candidates?


Compile a list of homes in your target area that are in preforeclosure. Send letters to these people on a 2 week basis until they call. The homes that are several months into the foreclosure are the best. Make sure you have at least 2 months before the scheduled auction date. If the auction date has not been set…you have enough time.

Just looking for creative ways to fine the leads

Now , please help me to see if this is right. If the house has already been taken back by the bank and no one bought at the auction, do I just get my offer and go in to bank with it and tell them that I want to ss this address that they have foreclosed? I have seen an amount on the foreclose site saying what they are asking , how much off that do I go if the property is say 20,000 more than the asking price? Pleae help? I have been reading 8-10 hours a day. :anon

If the house was taken back by the bank it is now what is called an REO property aka BANK REPO. It is too late to purchase this property as a short sale, short sales are done to prevent the bank from foreclosing on the property. If you are not experienced, I would recommend to forget about this one; buying REO’s at a discount is chalenging and difficult. If you still want to persue this you may call the bank (REO department) and find out how you can make an offer or wait until the bank assigns the property to an REO agent and you will see it listed in MLS in about 2 months…
hope this helped. Silvio

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Does your county have a foreclosure information service? If they do you can locate leads by reviewing the notice of default lists that the service provides.

In this market with foreclosures being at an all time high, investors are SWAMPED with ss candidates. Most investors don’t want to deal with them, they have to much going on with deals that will bring them money now. Call or email every investor in your area and offer them a deal split, 60/40? if you can handle all of thier ss for them.

Yucky, I like your approach. I’ve even seen where short sale investors offer to process short sale packages for other investors for a flat fee instead of splitting the profit.

I always like to suggest to save splitting the deal for use in attracting hard money to close.