Marketing For motivated sellers


Can anybody recommend the best marketing course or system for finding real estate deals or know of any free resources.


I haven’t seen one “best” marketing course. I gathered my knowledge by investing in multiple courses, networking with smart people, and asking the smart guys on this forum.

I liked “Motivated Seller Magnet” for the price. The author knows more than he teaches though, so some questions may not get answered.

Richard Roop gives good points, but I would not build my marketing around his teaching. After all, in his own course, he says he only does direct marketing and the other ideas he comes up with are just for his students since thats what they want.

Cash has excellent course on sub2s and his marketing methods works. You need to listen to his teaching well and adapt it to your investing strategies.

Michael Quarels has an excellent course that also explains marketing well, he describes both advertising and direct marketing. You need to do only the ones that fits your budget.

Read here and find out what the big players recommend or do and find out more about their methods.

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