Marketing for Bird dogs

I already placed a request in the bird dog section, but I was wondering how I could go about marketing for bird dogs outside of forums. I have a job and a business I run, and the job keeps me from being on the streets until leads start finding.

So in the mean time I want to hire some bird dogs, to help me out. Any suggestions. I live in Tampa, FL.

Try Craigslist. If it is as popular there as it is in Mich., I think you will be surprised with the amount of interest you will receive.

Design a simple “help wanted” flyer and either leave them in the places you frequent or in shops and libraries in your farm area. You could pay someone to distribute the flyers if you just don’t have time. Place an ad in the local thrify nickel or trading post type community newspaper classifieds. Tell everyone you know you are looking for properties and that you pay for referrals–especially delivery or repair persons.