Marketing as Wholesaler


Now I know one of the main strategies for being a wholesaler is marketing and having the deal come to you, instead of you wasting time trying to find them all the time. Now I was wondering what strategies have worked for seasoned investors that wholesale? I am about to buy some business cards and bandit signs. I just seem to be at a loss for what i can actually advertise on them and what i should advertise. I know i’m not a registered business, so can i false advertise that i am a business on a business card and bandit signing saying i am, or is that just wrong altogether?

Also, besides my buyers list of investors, what other contacts (team) should i have? I have a realtor as well. I just want to be wholesaler friendly to the investor, as well as the buyer. I think i remember someone saying to invest in an investor friendly Hard Money Lender to finance the investor for rehabbing. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanx.

for me, i plan to be honest upfront and do things right…so in case something goes wrong, they dont sue me but they sue my company

u need a team consist of lawyer, realtor, title company, lender, contractor , cpa

i like to use hard $ lender but i want to do some more resaerch first so i dont get bitten for something I didnt know