Marketing and usage of the MLS

Hey all,

I just found a nice local realtors website which basically merges the MLS and google maps. It puts every house listed on what looks just like google maps.

Im thinking of cross referencing the names in the assessors site and mailing all these people. Im usually non confrontational in how I market, being I just lay it out there and let people come to me, or do very specific FSBO letters. Anyone else do this?

I dont want to use the typical “Hey I want to buy your house at __” letters. I will just get a lot of people looking for FMV. Any ideas on what to use? Im doing handwritten letters. Probably 500 to start then ramp it up to cover the whole city.

Let me know what you guys think,

Edit: Oops, fogot my idea. I was thinking about, since i have the asking price, typing up offers all at 65% of the asking price to see waht I get. Its more in your face, and definitely opposite of what I normally do, but hey…