Marketing Advice and know how!

Hi Guys,

I own a UK company and I’m looking to sell some Fractional Properties I have in the Bahamas. Does anyone have any advice on who or where the best place to get these shifted, I only have 4 condo units to sell (Pre-Construction) and would be happy for any advice / help.


Hello Hryan,

My name is Cunnin gham

and I am having a disagreement with a stager I hired.

I am trying to sell a 2-bedroom condo in Chicago and recently hired a professional to stage the empty condo. The property is unique in that the living room is very long and narrow, which is why my realtor and I thought it was important to stage it to show its potential. This is the only living area of the property so it has to look like a living room.

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I think it is better if you start market your condos online to easily get customers, because you have 70% chance to sold out your condom if you promote it in the web.

70% chance to sold out your condom

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I would talk to a Bahamas agent and look into online, newspaper and other classifieds for the Bahamas. Do the properties cash flow and have equity?

It will be wise on your side to use some internet marketing techniques to reach the maximum number of people in a short time.This will ensure a good response.