Marketing a rural rental/lease-option property

Does anyone know the best way to market a rural doublewide trailer to potential tenants and tenant-buyers for rent or lease-option? Because of the location, there are no stop signs, stop lights, or intersections to put up bandit signs near (my usual way to market to tenants and tenant-buyers). TIA.


Try putting a flyer up at your local Feed Store, the Live Stock Auction, the Ford, Chevy and Dodge Dealers, Your local 4-H Club, Walmart, The John Deere and Farmall Dealers, The Grain Supply, The Lumber Yard, Etc.

Local Churches can also be a good way to find a tenant!

Thanks for the help, Gold River. I’m hoping to get a tenant-buyer who can eventually cash it out with a bank loan so financing may be another issue as the doublewide trailer was made in 1988.

you can place bandit signs at those same locations and leave fliers on their bulletins.

Thanks, CharlottePlayer. Very much appreciate the help.

I just picked a deal up yesterday that’s safe to say that it’s
in a rural area. Then again, it’s Alabama…what isn’t?

Here’s what I do:

  1. use online sources such as Craigslist, and
  2. Bandit sign in the front yard. Yellow background, black lettering
  3. Use directional signs with the same color as the one in the yard
  4. Leaving fliers at any and every local store near the property
  5. Word of mouth. Info spreads like a virus in small towns like you wouldn’t believe, so use it to your advantage.

Hope this helps.

Good luck, its hard to do in rural area’s. Herbster

Thanks, JasonAL and Herbster. Where I am, even in the “city” not many people seem to have Internet and Craigslist doesn’t even cover here. In the future, til I get better at marketing, I may avoid rural areas completely.


I am new to this forum and would probably know very little about you all.
And My small suggestion to the posed question is :

I think the problem can be solved with good advertisement.

I think it will be better, if you can go with advertising…