marketing $150

If I was going to only spend $150 per/month marketing to motivated sellers, particularly looking for Wholeasle deals what marketing avenue would you use?? My goal would be 2 wholesale deals by the end of the year.

Even though I don’t use them, I think your answer is going to be bandit signs.

Yeah bandit signs from

Maybe you should contact your local code enforcement. I am sure they have a list of homeowners that might not know they are motivated.

Ok, thanks. Using those signs if I was looking for wholesale deals would I place them in specific neighborhoods or where they will be seen the most …ie intersections…ect.


Your going to want to buy bandit signs and be very good at putting them in the right places. Make sure you put them in your target area and make sure you put them very high so they will last. You want to make every dollar you spend count.

Thanks. When you say target area, could you explain more?

Well for wholesaling you want junk houses so place your signs in those neighborhoods.