Market Value

What’s the best way to determine the market value of homes. Is it comps??? if so, where’s the best source for comps??

For the single family dwellings, MLS comps are the best indicator of market value. Looking at sale prices for similar properties over the last six months, should suggest a price at which your property should sell.

A local real estate agent will often provide a free comparable market analysis if you ask.

What is the best comp method for multi-family homes (up to 3 family)? Especially when there are few other multi-family sales in the last 6 months in that area (i.e. more rural areas).

Few sales, says that there are some. Comparable sales numbers are best. Consult a local real estate agent for a free market analysis.

Thanks Dave!

when i flipped one of my houses my real agent took the 3 most recent sales of the same floor plans in that subdivision.