marco kozlowski

Has anyone here been to one of his bootcamps? What did you think?

There are people coming out of the wood work everywhere!!!

I have never heard of this guy either not to say he has a bad boot camp just never heard of him on the lighter side you can never tell what you will find out I had a guy that pulled my name and found a link about a guy with the same name that has been in prison for 5 years looking at a life sentence for murder and I am still working in REI so you can never tell!!!

Not me though!!! amazing what you can find!!! LOL

i just read the court opinion… that’s really crazy.

He teaches how to option upper end/luxury homes and then auction them off. Check out for reviews of his course. He was a student of Ron Legrand’s. Haven’t heard good things.

Good luck,


Ah, so that [b]was[/b] you I used to buy my crack and pot from. I thought you wuz dead homie. How you makin’ out in lockup?