Many many questions (First Post)

First off, let me say how thankful I am to those contributing to this site. An inspiration to newbies everywhere. I assure you all that I will not be one of the ones that never make an offer. I’ll make you seasoned verterans proud one day. Thany you to people like Cash Money (that’s what I say to myself when I read his posts, because they are right on the money), Heather Tx, Steve Cook, and others who I see posting on numerous different boards on the net (yes I read at least 4 different forums every day). You guys truly help those who are getting started.

Now on to my questions.

  1. When and where is the next meeting for this club? I live in Round Rock.

  2. This is probably a question for Cash Money (maybe I’ll meet you one day. I go to Vegas about 3 times a year for trade shows). As far as bird dogging, if I were to be a bird dog that actually puts houses under contract, then wouldn’t I really be an investor who flips? I will buy your book, but just in case it’s not covered, what advantage does bird dogging give me after I bring the deal to the investor? Seems like after that I’m on my own. Is it normal for an investor to “train” his top bird dog about how the rest of the process goes? Wouldn’t he be training future competition? Of course his future competition will bring him many deals if they invest differently.

  3. For those in Texas, what kind of market is Austin in right now? I know renting is terrible, but how about foreclosures, vacants, etc? Seems like with all the new houses going up from builders, it could be a slow business for certain types of investors. Also, let’s say I wanted to buy a house in Houston or Dallas to sell (not hold or rent), would that be difficult? Or is it much better to stay within your envelope (surrounding area)?

  4. I know this is skating on thin ice, but I have to ask for all the newbies lurking. How many of you in Texas have made, or will make 6 figures solely in real estate investing? I don’t care about exact numbers, I just am interested if there are only really a handful of those “6 figure investors” that I read come so plentiful in all states. Or maybe if you know two people who fit the criteria. Feel free to tell me to jump in Lake Travis on this last question.

Thanks guys for ANY input. If you don’t mind, I will pick your brains constantly, and thank you regularly.

P.S. Is it just me, or is Vince Young the only threat on the LongHorns, since he rarely throws to Roy Williams? Hmm… I still think one good hit is going to break him in two on one of those “I refuse to lower my shoulder in traffic” runs. At any rate he looked great today.

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