manufactured home loans

Hi can a person with 625 and bankruptcy over seven years get financed for a new manufactured home?

You should not have trouble finding financing. FHA should work just fine for you. What type of LTV are you looking for?

they would be putting this on its own land the home when finished will appraise out to be worth between 120k-150k

They will only owe say about 80k at the most. Do you know of lenders who do this type of lending?

where are you located?

Thsi si something i could do. Where are you located?


You can do this loan as a one time close. With that score you will need to go full doc unless you can put down a large down payment.

Chris can you recommend a company ?


I just sent you a message.

christopher w…

Please do NOT do that again.


I think Indymac will do it- but every OTC company I know of will not finance a deposit if the manufactured home builder requires an up-front deposit to start the project. That can be a stumbling block for some people as some modular or manufactured companies require up to 25% deposit up front.

sorry :frowning:

Send them an e-mail or a PM!