Manufactured hard Money

How can I find a hard money manufactured investor that will take stated income. Very low LTV and I cant find anyone

It will be difficult to find a hard money lender for a manufactured home. They don’t retain value like brick and morter homes, and you will find it nearly impossible to find a lender who will loan on a manufactered home being used for investment purposes. So when the time comes to pay off the HM lender with the permanent loan they will end up stuck with the house. I wish I had better news for you.

What is the value of the home?

As Chris has mentioned, you are looking for a diamond in the rough with this one…there is only one hard money lender that offers funding on manufactured housing, here are some details:

50 LTV
Full Doc or SIVA
No DTI Required
No Credit Score Required
Loan Sizes between 50K~100KK


Scott Miller