Manufactured Deal

I usually don’t buy manufactured homes, but this one seems to be interesting.

Property Info.

Mortgage Balance is 73,000
Asking price is 74,000 with fast closing
Expenses 613.00 PITI
3 bd 2 full bath

Bought the property brand new 5 yrs ago
Motivated can’t manage property from a different state and would like to get the deed out her name.
Repairs??? Went to see the tenant about moving out and will check for repairs
The mobifle homes is in a different state so, I would need to a property manger to give me a est. apprasial.

I figure I can take over the existing payments, and do a lease option. The down payments will cover the purchase price of 1,000.

How long should I lease option the property, since manufactured homes depreciate quickly.

Any suggestions or comments, I will appreciate your input.

Property Express

What do you think the value of this property is?

What State is it in?