Managing Hard money loans. Alternatives and Whats important?

Hi everyone
Been lurking for a while and now officially have something to ask. :slight_smile: Im a HML AND a borrower and use Excel to track where my money is going where its coming from etc etc. Im sure many of you have Excel or some tool you use.

Im wondering what does everyone that uses this method track? Whats important to you as a borrower or lender that you track and why? and finally any pain points. Mine is the number of sheets i have to work with and setting up my equations.


Hard money loans allow you to become a banker or lender for other people who are in need of money, but can’t access traditional capital markets. At the same time, you don’t actually have to become a bank or start a new business.

Hard money loans pay a higher rate of return than most other types of loans because the lender (the company issuing the loan) and you (the investor) accept a higher risk of default on the loan. In some cases, the risk is low, but you’re investing money usually without fully knowing the credit risk of the borrower.

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