management agreement

I am moving out of town and a friend (another investor w/ many properties) is going to manage my properties for me. I need a “management agreement” to give to s8 for them to give my friend authorization to handle my s8 properties/issues. We have a verbal agreement, which is fine for us, but I need some kind of a form to make this work for the CMHA. How do I find a management agreement form or something of the like - preferably something simple?

Thanks a lot.

Ask the Section 8 office if they have a form. Or just use a Power of Attorney Form (Usually available at Office Max, Staples, etc…) for the specific purpose you want taken care of by your friend.


Thanks. The section 8 office had nothing to offer - that was the first thing I tried. But you’re probably right, a power of attorney form should work, which I already have. Good idea.