Man I was nervous..

I just got through reading through Barry Grime’s Real Estate Jobber 101 course. I did what he said and got a list of investors to call and today was the day I called them. I have never had anything to do w/ real estate before today. I called 8 investors that I saw ads for form the paper. I was so nervous on my first call that the lady even mentioned how nervous I sounded. She was the only one that didn’t sound interested (obviously because of my demeanor)and said she would call me back tomorrow. But after I got that one out of the way I started clicking. 5 of the next 8 that answered the phone and seemed excited about the idea of me finding leads for them. The 2 others I left voicemails and explained what I was doing… they both called me back excited about the idea as well. So now I have my starting list of investors to work with. Now I start digging up leads. I’m off to the courthouse tomorrow to learn how to look everything I’ll need up.

Nice job Shaun!

It’s always a little nerve racking when you start out, but as you found, most investors like the idea of paying somebody to find properties for them.

I supply properties to investors all over the United States, generally 20-30 a week. There are a great deal of investors with more money than time, keep up the effort and I have a feeling it will pay off for you big time!

Go Get’em!
Ray Rochefort, mgr. mem.
Purpose Investments LLC