Man attacks landlord with meat cleaver

I always said that nobody ever tried to steal a house from you. But I guess I was wrong.

that is something that don’t happen everyday, phew well atleast the man had been arrested. that would be a relief.

you wonder where these people come from?

My god! Some people should not be allowed to roam free in society!

There are ways where people can still a property from you - though altering several documents and titles - which is mostly known as a collared-inside-job crime and fraud.

Such type of people should be severely punished. I advice always know the biography of the tenants before giving your home on rent, so that they don’t cheat you.

Should undergo a mental check up.He might not be fit to stand trial.

There are always people like that everywhere. Thank God I haven’t met anyone yet. geez.

So he hit her with the back of a meat cleaver? What a nut case.

This is why starting an apartment or hotel business can be scary sometimes.

I know some lenders who literally take their lives into their own hands when they collect rents from some of their tenants. But do laws protect the landlord? Not nearly as much as they protect the crazy people out there.