making offers

OK… I have spoken to different investors about how they make their offers. Some say any and all offers they make is on paper, and other say they make verbal offers to see if seller will bite, if they do, then they put it in writin… what are your thoughts, which if any is the right and most effective way based on opinion or experience.
I personally put everything in writing, it makes it official.

Are you asking if I negotiate the price first then draw the contract versus just drawing the contract and showing the price to the seller?

I think it depends on the situation. You will definitely be taken more seriously if you put it in writting, but if the seller isn’t even in your ballpark, not sure it’s worth the time and effort.

I usually don’t tell them my price by offering. I talk about the house, find out their motivation and let them know I’m an investor. Just by letting them know your an investor is enough to feel out their motivation since most people will assume investors are looking for a deal. When they verbally start dropping their price and get in the ballpark then I’ll start writing paper. You’d be amazed at how well this works. Usually just playing hard to get a hold of after you’ve expressed interest in the property will cause panic price reduction (what I call PPR) :slight_smile:

Try it out and see how it works for you.