Making MONEY with a Internet Business??


This is Tony from Atlanta. Im searching for a internet business where I can sell products, information, or a service of some sort.

Can any body recommend me to something that they are currently involved in or an opportunity that I should take a look at?

I have capital to get started but I just need some opportunities to research to make a informed decision.

Please let me know if you have ANY ideas.


I’d probably look at something like “Google Cash”. Do a search for it on, (you guessed it), Google.

Diane on this board is probably the one you want to talk to:;action=viewprofile;user=Diane

I’ve considered looking into it myself, but as with anything, to be successful you need to immerse yourself in it…and my focus has already “locked on” to real estate.

Still…I think it’s worth investigating.


Thanks Mike!

I appreciate the reply and I will look into that form of making money on the internet.

What state(s) are you currently investing in?


I’m not…still researching, (for at least a few more months).

I’m in NYS…where the property taxes are exhorbitantly high, IMO.

Thinking of packing my bags to greener pastures.


<<I’m in NYS…where the property taxes are exhorbitantly high, IMO.>>

Not an opinion – it’s a fact, but then again, it’s a Blue state…go figure!