making an offer

i am about to make my first offer on a multi unit—where do i get the proper paper work or should i find a RE agent?


I would suggest using an RE agent. They have everything you need plus the experience in making offers.

If you don’t know your market you should use a Realtor. If you know your market well and you have a good lead you don’t really need to use one. I like to use the fact that we are not using a realtor to get a better discount on the property. You can usually get a copy of a generic form for Office Max or Staples.

Make sure you use the outs such as getting financing.

go make the deal!

thanks—i am thinkning in the begining i should use an agent --might cost more --though i am hoping in the long run—it will save me headaches.

thanks again,taylor

check ur state or city’s board of realtors website for a state approved sales contract. they are usually free. also, u can go to a local title company and tell them u want to sell ur house, and ask “what paperwork do i need”. they should either be able to tell u or even give it to u.