making an offer

i am about to make my 1st offer—are there forms i should be using----and/or should i find a RE agent. This will be for a multi unit—out of state.


if the property is listed with an agent, the owner will be paying realtor fees anyway, so get an agent to represent your interests

You can do the contract yourself but you should call an attorney to draw up the docs. you dont need a realtor but since the seller has one, you should use get one too. your not paying for it so why not.

Who does pay for the agent then?

<<Who does pay for the agent then?>>

Only one person in the transaction has a contract with the agent – the seller. The listing agent/broker will get the full amount if you don’t bring an agent or the full amount will be split if you do…

When I’m buying, I most normally use an agent because the cost is coming out of the seller’s proceeds.