Making alot of offers

I hear that to get a good deal often times you must make alot of offers. Obvioulsy these offers will either be on the low side or the terms may not be right for the seller to agree with most of the time. My question is: how do Real Estate agents in general feel about making alot of offers when they realize many of them may not go through? Or is this just part of the territory for realators? Iam talking about 15-20 offers a month. Any help or experinces with this would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe.

Speaking as a fairly new realtor but a long time investor, I wouldn’t be thrilled abou that ideal. Realtors, like investors only make money if the deal closes, but they stand to make a lot less, plus they have a lot of expenses (cost me $1100 to join the board & such) and most importantly a lot of legal restrictions and liabilities.

That being said. Making an offer is a lot easier here than California where I used to do real estate years ago. Therefore if the investor would do all the paperwork themselves and the realtor could be assured that it was prepared properly to cover their behind, then it wouldn’t be so bad to make the offers. Most of the work normally happens after the offer is accepted.

Some realtors don’t like to make low ball offers, but don’t let that stop you. Sellers need to get hep to the current economy here in Texas.

Good Luck !