make this thread rock...How do YOU find buyers and sellers?

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But what is the collective position on finding buyers and sellers for your wholesale and short sale. Do you knock on doors or advertise have you found any other forums or websites.

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There is always a many way to do it. One of them is to subscribe to big foreclosure websites, like form Yahoo portal and and monitoring new foreclosures. Also, I would find a foreclosure club in your area and start attending their meetings. You will have your leads very soon.

I agree, there are a few good foreclosure websites online. Also, getting together with a realtor they can give you a heads up on properties too.

Get the word out to friends & family, fellow church members, etc. that you are a Real Estate Investor that helps homeowners that find themselves in tough real estate situations (e.g., faciing foreclosure, delinquent taxes, unwanted property, etc.). Tell them that you’ll pay them a referral fee ($250 or $500) if you end up purchasing a property from their lead. Of course, real estate listings do not count.

A practical way to do this: just send out a “blanket” email to yourself & bcc everybody.


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