Mailing scripts for the troubled homeowners...

I was wondering if anybody here is willing to share or could give ideas of what type of phone scripts or mailing scripts to use to for homeowners that are in the preforeclosure status.


I am not sure I understand what do you mean by mail script…

Preforeclosure is the hardest list to get leads from since everyone and their mother is mailing, calling, and knocking on their door. But it is a good start for direct marketing since they are motivated… just manage your expectations.

I personally don’t believe in scripts since scripts imply you don’t know what information you want to know from them, however, many investors feel more comfortable if they just had a script to run through.

What is it you want to know from them?

I do not call pre-foreclosures. This is a numbers game, and I can hit more numbers by direct mail.

Here is the copy from one of my letters. Some of the copy is bold and in large type…you get the idea:

Your property is going to public auction on the first Tuesday of next month.

Too many people do not take this process seriously. They hope that “it will all work out,” or they do not realize that the lender can and will sell the house to someone else.

You can stop the auction by selling the property before the auction date.

If we work together quickly, I can make you a cash offer and close in days. You can:

• Salvage your credit
• Get immediate debt relief
• Put some cash in your pocket, and
• Put this whole thing behind you!

I buy houses—for cash—FAST!

Here is how you can get in touch with me:

Call: (770) 265-8316…you can call RIGHT NOW!
Email: Paul at
Web:…takes 30 SECONDS!

The time to get in touch with me is NOW.


P.S. Do not wait until the last minute. You can call me any day, any time, on (770) 265-8316. You can call right now.

The key to pre-foreclosure mailings, at least the way I see it, is the envelope. It does not matter what is inside if no one ever sees it. Handwritten addresses are best, but at least use a first class stamp (no meters) and a person’s name with the return address. Larger, colored envelopes are also good.