Mailing List Providers

Howdy board -

Looking for some Austin mailing list providers that can give me a targeted mailing list of property owners that own 2-4plexes in:

  1. A particular area code or
  2. a radius search around a specific address

Anyone have any suggestions?

Why don’t you open an account up with First American Title Company.
Contact the local Title Rep and promise to purchase Title Insurance from
them and they will give you an account. You can then request a “Farm
Package” from them on your criteria of properties you are looking for.

Best Riches,

Jeffrey Adam

There are several excellent ways to get mailing lists, this is one thing I am an expert on. Some ideas for you- property appraisers office, mailing list services in your yellow pages, and also a company called First American Real Estate Solutions who has a program which provides a large number of services including the ability to customize lists any way you need them.

If you want a good mailing list of all the homeowners in your area seperated by:

-Out of state
-out of area
-owners for more than 3-5-7-10 years
-in foreclosure

I use to use Win2data by First American, however I think there is an even better program out now by Emmatek called FortuneMaker that does the same thing that Win2data does, but it also will print out your letters and postcards in a mailmerge format. It also keeps track of all of your mailings for you. It is like having a full-time assistant. So long to the days of having large stacks of information on homeowners that you have to manually import to your mailing campaign. You can all get your data on a single disk, upload and go!

Best Regards:
Jeff Adam