Mailing Absentee owner's

I recently got a list from of absentee owner’s and most of the properties
actually have two owners. On my letter I put:

“Dear [Homeowner name]” with the brackets being the merge field for the name

I’m sure many people have come across this, so I am curious, do you yourself mail merge both names on there so that it might say (Dear John Kennedy and Jane Kennedy," or just the first or what?

Also a lot of the name records are either blank or incomplete, like only the first initial for a first name. I’m assuming with I can go through and edit the ones like this?

I use first and last names. Click2mail will not sort the info. You will need to match the header in your spreadsheet with the mail merge feature in click2mail. If you have name as a header and First and last are in that column, then that is what will be merged.

Don’t get hung up on simple things like using first or last names… what’s important is that you do it and you do it consistently!!

I agree with fredd525. If a homeowner gets your letter, if he’s really motivated, I don’t think he could care less. The fact that someone is interested, he’ll call.

What I do is mail merge the first person’s last name… which is 90% of the time the same last name for the second name because their married. I like to put “Dear Mr/Mrs. LAST NAME,” that way… if either party see’s the letter, they will have the legal right to open it. What you don’t want is to be putting one name on it because what if they just got divorced? Then the other party won’t be able to legally open it.

Also, for the no names… on the envelope I write Property Owner or Resident… and for the mail merge I leave it blank, so it just says “Dear Mr./Mrs. ,”.

For postcards perhaps it doesn’t matter… btw, I hate postcards, they suck… I’ve pissed away so many dreams on postcards — but for letters, it does make it more personalized and isn’t that the whole point? Though lately I have been leaving OFF the return address. I used to put a flowery return label, but I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter for absentee owners. For owner occupieds… you want to put on a return label because if it comes back as vacant or forwarding unavailable… you want to track those owners down. :beer