mailers for vacant (rundown) homes?

can’t seem to find any decent mailers for vacant (rundown) homes. as a matter of fact i’d like one’s geared toward those which have alot of damage (ie/ fire damage, holes in roof, smashed windows etc.)

…just looking for something to use as a base.


I take it this is informatin I’ll have to pay for? ;D

Where are you? I have a house that fits that description in CA. :slight_smile:

which description? vacant? rundown? or both? haha.

i’m in jersey so i provide no competition in your neck of the woods ;]

Mine fits your complete description - a lot of damage, vacant, rundown, holes in roof, smashed windows.
Too bad you don’t live in CA, we were thinking of selling as is instead of doing the rehab ourselves just because of other things we have going on, but it looks like we might just have to end up doing it ourselves.

ohhhh i see. i misunderstood. i thought you had a mailer but were hesitant to send it to me in case i was your area ;]. anyway, good luck with the rehabs.

…still looking for some samples. anyone? ::slight_smile:

hey i have one you can use pm with with whatever email u want me to send it to