Mailer for Owner Finance/Sub2

Does anyone know of a mailer targeted towards finding owner financed and/or subject 2 properties? I’m looking for something to mail out that targets these prospects and gets them calling if they’re interested. I already know who I’m going to target, but I’m not sure what the letter/postcard should say to get the best results.

I use the yellow letter, its not target specific and will bring in leads for wholesaling and sub to’s and Lease Options, pre-foreclosures, free & clears etc.
I keep it simple, and it seems to build curiosity.

Dear Joe Homeowner,
My wife Jizabel and I
would like to
Your house at:
102 Main St
Hell town NV
Please call us
Rando & Jizabel
PS Please call

I have never used mailers, yet I’ve completed hundreds of transactions over the years. Surely the ‘yellow letter’ or others will have some effect and result if you use a high enough volume.

Personally, the old fashioned way of calling on vacant homes, long distant numbers, and other ‘obvious’ don’t wanter ads, I like talking with the seller and making an appointment to see/inspect the house.

While I’m there, the seller thinks I’m inspecting the home, but other than overall decent condition, my purpose is to build a rapport with the seller so that when I make an unreasonable request (such as subject to or l/p on his 4 sale home), he will be inclined to consider my offer.

This has been successful for me since 1991. Learned this from the great Jimmy Napier and it has worked well…why change?!

Anyway, if you are apprehensive to calling, just make one or two calls and you will overcome the apprehension…you might even stumble on a real subject to deal, owner financing, or a lease purchase. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will open!!

Hope this helps.

Rob in Atlanta

Hi, @Rob in Atlanta,

Thanks for being awesome.

How do you get the phone numbers for

“calling on vacant homes, long distant numbers, and other ‘obvious’ don’t wanter ads”

Because when I get information from my county of Brevard Florida I only am offered addresses on the site. So where do you get the numbers especially if they are vacant. I usually find its a bank owned, no for sale by owner sign, and no way to do anything but write a letter. I would like a second option in order to make marketing more cost effective and calling would be great.

@Randoskie I like the simplicity of the letter. I think its smart to keep it simple.

I am grateful for both your times on the forums.

hey there… my name is sky mikesell I’m in charlotte north carolina … In the past i have purchased lists from list brokers… you can buy specific lists … for example if you bought a list of home owners who have bought there properties in the last 7 years chances are the loan balances are very high.

good luck
sky mikesell

Phone numbers I refer to are FSBO ads. You can also use adverse possession techniques using administrative procedures with party listed on warranty deed thru mail and contract through their acquiescence. A bit technical but if you know how to use paperwork and defend paperwork, one can acquire lien rights and enforce them.

Hope this helps.


Rob said it. I’ve done some direct mail here and there but never been happy with the results. I’ll typically get about an 11% response to yellow postcards, but hardly any of those people are motivated. Compare that to getting an 80-90% response when calling, and 4 or 5% of those saying YES to my offer.

Besides FSBOs another source of deals is the MLS. Do a reverse search of the address to get their phone number. When you find a motivated seller either buy when the listing expires or pay the agent yourself.

Secret: get to your prospect before they are motivated, and before they are in deep financial trouble. Buy a list from a title co or get a subscription with First American Title and search for NEW house buyers that are in their homes for 1-2 years. And/or get a list of people with 1-2 yr old mortgages. These are the MOST likely people that will have trouble with their mortgages just due to over extending their budgets. It may take 2-3 mailings but you will get phone calls and the best part is that they are likely NOT in foreclosure, or have even been served a summons yet. You should get MANY leads this way. This is best for a Sub 2 or LO deal. Your deal should be set around the loan balance but be sure you can sell it later for the current mort payment or it’s a no deal. Hope this helps.